There are several ways to donate to Jaylan's Expense Fund:

1) Global Credit Union -- Jaylan's Fund (See details below)

2) Donate $25 now by clicking donate button above

3) Facebook's FundRazr link:

    Jaylan's Fund on

4) Attend an upcoming Fundraiser (See menu above)

If you would like to coordinate a fundraiser for Jaylan, contact us on menu above to discuss.  Thank you for helping!


Global Credit Union has graciously set up an account on behalf a Jaylan called:  "Jaylan's Fund". 

You can donate to this fund by:

Sending your donation to Global Credit Union's PO Box with the adjacent account number.

Going into any Global Credit Union and deposit directly to the account number: 387115, or

Go to any Shared Banking branch and deposit directly to account number 387115, and let them know that the account is at Global Credit Union. Shared banking branches are located at the following web page: Global Credit Union Shared Branches.  Just key in your city or zip and a list of locations near you will appear.

Global Credit Union

PO Box 3200

Spokane, WA  99220-3200

Jaylan's Fund

Account Number:  387115

Downtown Global CU Headquarters physical address:

1520 W. Third Avenue

Spokane, WA 99220​

Thank you!  Your donation is very much appreciated!